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Success through employee impulses

Submit proactively and without request

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Submit proactively and without request

Annual or quarterly surveys and employee interviews cannot reflect what is happening in your organization in real time. With Johari, ideas and feedback can be brought in instantly and effortlessly as soon as they arise in the minds of your employees. Johari can involve all employees of your value chain.


Request on specific topics

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Request on specific topics

Ideas and feedback on work methods, processes and other relevant topics can effortlessly be requested. All employees have the opportunity to address their topics directly to the right contact person through the Johari specialist search function.


Discuss together

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Discuss together

Ideas and feedback can be discussed and further developed within the team. This goes far beyond analogue borders. At a certain meeting size synergy effects stagnate since not all impulses are heard and possible solutions are lost. With the agile Johari Digital Open Door all discussion participants, regardless of the number, location and availability, can propose and develop solutions without losing the discussion structure, overview and focus on a common goal.


Document and Analyze

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Document and Analyze

Our algorithm leads qualitative discussions systematically to a solution. You will be provided with structured content, statistics and reports in real time to help you make the right decisions. At all times you have an overview of hot topics in the company and can set the right priorities. In the Johari knowledge management database, historical reports can be viewed and used at any time.

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This is Johari

Learn what Johari is all about and how we can help you improve your interdependent communications.

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Submit employee impulses proactively and without request
Request employee impulses on specific topics
Discuss employee impulses together
Document and analyze employee impulses
Feature 1

Identify blind spots

Feature 2

Improve business processes and ways of working

Feature 3

Make decisions easier

Feature 4

Promote employee engagement and motivation

Feature 5

Recognize conflict potentials early

Feature 6

Give room to new ideas

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Our Motivation

Growth through employee impulses

Why Johari?

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Our name is based on a model that involves blind spots in daily communication. We at Johari have set ourselves the goal of uncovering blind spots in teams and companies and harnessing important impulses that arise directly in the minds of your employees.

What is Johari?

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The Johari Digital Open Door is an idea and feedback management solution for teams, project groups, departments and entire companies.

How does Johari work?

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With Johari, the employees are given an initial greenfield for their impulses. These are then transferred into a purpose-driven structure. With our agile software solution, managers and employees can contribute and request ideas and feedback at any time and further develop them within the team. Our algorithm leads qualitative discussions to a targeted solution and supports managers in their decision-making with analyses, statistics and reports.

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Advantage 1

Johari supports managers in recognizing trends in real time and making important decisions.

Johari integrates external parties such as customers, suppliers and partners in your communication processes.

Advantage 2
Advantage 3

Johari helps you to improve your working environment - satisfied employees, satisfied boss.

Johari increases your employee engagement and growth potential.

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Advantage 4
We want to help every company and employee,
to grow upon impulses of their community.
Marius Weltz, founder of Johari


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